SUMMER/FALL - Worms available. (Sorry, we are sold out of leeches for the summer).

WINTER SEASON - Minnows all ice fishing season long, 24/7 during prime season.


We have a portable ice hut that we presently rent out for $50/day with a free dozen minnows. Call to reserve.

  • Most of the rods & reels we stock are Okuma.  They are quality products at affordable prices with an outstanding level of warranty and service from what we have seen. We love a company that makes it easy to purchase, fish with and when in need, service that product. Give us a call to see what we presently have in stock.....we try to keep your affordable $50 combo's on hand as well as some higher end models.

  • Shim-e-sticks $6.99
  • Super Finesse Worms $5.99
  • Coffee Tubes $5.99
  • Premium Plus Spinners $9.99
  • KVD Spinners $8.99
  • .38 Special $9.99
  • Mini Spinners $3.99
  • Silicon Skirts $3.99

  • Pocket Frogs $7.99, Lunker Frogs $8.99, Combat Frogs $9.99
  • Bento Baits
  • Catch Big Fish

  • 2", 4" and 5" lures!  The only hard plastic lure that you can shape!
  • Great for pike, walleye, lake trout......an awesome lure you may have never heard of but should have in your tackle box!







  • One of the best Bucktail Jigs you'll ever use! Locally made & available in 3/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 3/8 oz and in a variety of colour combinations.
  • Bucktail Brand jigs are awesome and a great price of only $2.49 each!